What is a Crafty Back Order?

We pride ourselves on being a reliable ready to ship supplier and have been this way since we began. Customers have been asking us increasingly to offer a system where you can reserve stock from shipments that are due in to us.

We listened!

What is a Crafty Back Order?

This is a way for you to secure the stock you need across our most popular lines. We regularly restock every 7-15 business days but we know it can be frustrating when some of your order is out of stock. 

How will this work?

Every Friday-Thursday we offer a back order across our most popular lines that are due in to us around 7-14 days later. You can then secure this stock.

What if my order includes ready to ship and back order?

Then your whole order will ship once every item is available. If you do not want that, then please place one order for stock that is ready to ship and one that is for items on back order.

We will not split your original order to ship any items with a new order you place.

Any questions then please let us know!