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Cycling Sets

Lots in stock ready to ship within 24-48hours!


Tees at £2

Get high-quality children's cotton t-shirts for ages 2 to 12 now at just £2 each! In stock and ready for immediate shipping. Don't miss out!


Bespoke Labelling - Create Your Brand

We can help you add your own labels, change packaging, create logos and more. Just pop us an email over at 'info@craftywholesale.com' for all enquiries.

Linen Jumpsuits

Wonderful soft light linen jumpsuits now available in four colours. An ideal addition this summer.


Girls Frill Sets

In stock and just £5.95. Perfect for HTV and Embroidery or even just plain!


Women's Viral Clothing

Previously available only in bulk off-site. Now you can buy them as single items! Women's Ruffle Dress Shirts, featured on TikTok Shop, are now available in 9 colours for just £12 each. It's the perfect time to start selling women's clothing!

Let's Go

Kids Dungarees

Crafted by our Supersoft manufacturer, these delightful dungarees are essential for summer 2024!

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Our Reputation for Quality and Safety

We take pride in ensuring our children's clothing meets the highest standard. Whether you're buying to personalise for friends and family or for your business, you can rest assured our lines meet the relevant labelling and safety requirements.

Based in Surrey, UK, we are also insured and carry with pride our Policy Bee stamp of business approval. So you know you can buy in confidence!