Sublimation Printing Service

Crafty Wholesale is delighted to be offering a sublimation printing service to our customers. We wanted to give you as much information as possible as we know sublimation might be new to you and there are some things to consider.

We will be offering our own designs that you can personalise or request as is with no changes. These will be printed on an A4 portrait sheet (210mm x 297mm) leaving a margin border; as shown below:

**we also offer prints in 22 x 22cm to fit the smaller Cricut EasyPress 2+**

*the gold border is shown to illustrate margin areas*

Things to consider with sublimation:

  • You cannot use these on cotton material. They must be heat pressed onto a sublimation-ready substrate, such as our @Amyologist pyjama range which is 95% polyester. We would not recommend printing on any garment with a content of less than 60% polyester.
  • These will not work on dark clothing. We only recommend pressing on light/white backgrounds/clothing.
  • We highly recommend using a clamshell style heat press as this applies the correct pressure for the required duration.
  • Be very careful not to move the design at all during the pressing stage as this can cause ghosting/marks.
  • A household iron is not suitable for this.
  • We will not print images that are subject to copyright such as Disney, Paw Patrol etc.

Pressing Guidance:

All heat presses will differ, but we have great success pressing our @Amyologist range pyjamas at 200c for 45 seconds. If you are pressing on a different garment, then we highly recommend you test your print to ensure you achieve the desired transfer.

Place the sheet design side down directly onto the garment.

Cover with a protective sheet such as a sheet of baking paper to cover the whole area that will be in contact with the heat press.

Apply medium/firm pressure and do not move the heat press in an ironing motion.

Release pressure and remove protective sheet and lift design sheet straight up, do not slide as this can cause ghosting.

If you have any questions, please contact us before you heat press on

The design will look duller on the paper as the heat activates the ink when pressing.