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Two-Tone Blank Sliders - Grey

Two-Tone Blank Sliders - Grey

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Material: 100% PVC Blend

Our HTV friendly sliders have a new family member... Say hello to 11 new colours, available in our new two-tone range. Visually pleasing, sturdy and perfect for dance classes, gyms, schools, swimming and more. Once HTV is applied correctly, it won't be moved! We've tested these in water, heat and in sand! 

Exclusive to Crafty Wholesale.

Yes, yes you can apply HTV to these sliders! 

Applying HTV to this type of surface is challenging so we would advise these are for the more experienced crafter to personalise. We also note that refunds and exchanges will not be given due to any damage whilst heat pressing or for any other reason.

These sliders have been tested with GM Metallic HTV and GM Premium Plus and Turbo using a barrier to cover the entire area being pressed and using small bursts of heat for 1-2 secs with the Cricut Mini Press and not gliding the press as this can cause the HTV to move. These are not suitable for a household iron.

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